Commercial Car Tracking

How is your industry using gps tracking to manage fleet of all sizes.

Service, landscaping, construction, healthcare and more – no matter the industry, businesses and organizations are more than ever realizing the benefits to commercial car tracking solutions for fleet of vehicles and equipment. They are also choosing leading technology like NV Tracking’s fleet management solution to fit their needs. And below is how they are benefiting from vehicle and asset tracking.

Uber/Careem Partners

Vehicle Tracker is must have for Uber and Careem partners to maximize income and minimize theft. Know how your driver is using your vehicle and increase your vehicle's life.

Rent A Cars

Rent A Car business always involves fleet management for security and vehicles conditions. NV Tracking system is essential for fleet and customers security.

Security Companies

Optimizing resources are very important for security companies. NV Tracking systems helps these companies in maintaining vehicles and serving clients efficiently.

Delivery Business

Security and safety of goods delivered to customers is very important for customer care. NV Tracking system provides safety for both goods and vehicles.

Emergency Service

Emergency help companies need to reach the patient as soon as possible. NV Tracking systems helps dispatchers to optimize routes according to traffic and distance.

Trucking Company

NV Tracking system provides trucking company owners to keep eye on their trucks for the safety of goods delivered and also for the other road users.

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