Vehicle Tracking Benefits

Fleet Manager Software Benefits

GPS fleet tracking systems offer business owners and managers many benefits, but the most significant of all is the significant impact on your bottom line. An effective fleet tracking system provides a comprehensive view of a fleet’s activities, and easily identifies adjustments that will increase productivity and efficiency. Additionally, these increased efficiencies can result in dramatic cost savings to your company, as well as a noticeable improvement in the lifespan of your vehicles. Here are just some of the key ways that a modern fleet tracking solution can help save your company time and money.

Lower Fuel Costs

It’s no secret: The cost of fuel is on the rise. Unmonitored trucking fleets can lead to inefficient fuel consumption, which wastes this valuable resource and increases operating expenses. Additionally, poor driving habits and inefficient routes can increase your fuel use and lead to premature equipment failure. Rhino Fleet Tracking’s GPS tracking software addresses these issues head on and in real time. As an added benefit, fleet tracking systems enable supervisors to improve routing and reduce idle times, further improving fuel efficiency.

Eliminate Theft and Waste

Theft and waste are a fleet manager’s worst nightmares. Our fleet tracking system, coupled with our advanced monitoring software provides supervisors with the real-time knowledge of where their property is at all times. Custom geographic settings can be set to alert you when drivers aren’t following their predetermined routes, and keep you in the loop whenever you start to worry. This technology protects and tracks your assets, saves time and money, and improves overall efficiency. Ultimately, these benefits grant you peace of mind: 24/7.

Lower Labor Cost

NV Tracking gives companies the power to create tighter schedules, eliminate unnecessary overtime work, identify key productivity trends and recognize outstanding performers. Payroll can be one of your most significant expenses, and a fleet tracking system can help you realize and maximize your team’s full potential.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Harness the power of a fleet tracking system, and effectively reduce maintenance costs by reviewing your stored data and acting on your findings. Companies can pinpoint wasteful processes and extending periods between maintenance by increasing route efficiency. This also results in a decrease in wear and tear on fleet vehicles.

Improve Safety 

Safety is everyone’s primary concern, especially with fleets comprised of hundreds of vehicles. NV Tracking’s GPS fleet management software helps you implement measures to improve overall driver protection. It provides the ability to monitor speed, correct inappropriate driver behavior and never miss a scheduled maintenance check.
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